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Atelier Gigiwood

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Originally started as a hobby, it has now evolved into my job. I have a deep love for all things related to creativity: painting, drawing, sculpting, and much more. However, it’s woodworking that truly stands out for me.

At Atelier Gigiwood, you’ll find something for everyone: from boxes to clipboards and charming decorative items. My passion for geek culture often shines through in the unique pieces inspired by games and movies. Each item is infused with that same love and enthusiasm.
We value individuality, which is why we offer personalized creations that tell stories and express emotions. And that’s not all! We now also offer workshops. Come by, discover your inner artist, and craft your very own masterpiece. At Atelier Gigiwood, it’s all about enjoying creativity. Our recent Dungeons and Dragons themed workshop was a great success!

Join us on our artistic journey and let your imagination take flight.


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