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the board game zone

To be found in Hall 1,
in between the Cosplay Hall and the Gaming Hall.

yu-gi-oh card game

Sit down at the booth of Team QByte's Nova Division and start feeling the heart of the cards in person. Don't know how to play? No worries! These specialists will tell you all about it.

Magic the Gathering

'The League of New and Beginning Magic Players' will welcome veterans and newcomers to the Magic The Gathering universe and give them a place to learn or play the game. Bring your deck!

Anime to Play

This fanclub offers tables with free-to-play board and card games that only last about 20 minutes. So if you're looking for a nice break from the grand FACTS spectacle, then join us!

Dungeons & Dragons

Fan club De Delvers are back and they are bringing one of the best role playing experiences FACTS has to offer. Choose your persona and dive into a magical world with epic quests!

Miniature games

Thunderbolts Gent specialises in gorgeous, hand-painted boardgame miniatures, which are used in games like Warmachine, Warhammer 40K, Flames of War, Zombies, Star Wars Games & more!

the Star Wars zone

To be found in the Fan Village / Entry Hall

Belgian Garrison of the 501st Legion

Take pictures with various Star Wars Storm Troopers and other characters from space! Don't forget to take part in the awesome shooting range!

the 59th Legion

Beautiful Star Wars movie props and decors, convincing cosplayers, 3D-printers and much more!

Lightsaber Club Limburg

This official lightsaber training school will show you how to wield one of the universe's strongest weapons. Simply come to the booth and join in!

R2 Builders Club

The most realistic R2-D2's and other Star Wars droids you've ever seen. Period. The R2 Builders Club will drive their droids through FACTS all weekend long, but their HQ is in the Entry Hall!

Rebel Legion PHoenix Base

Take pictures with awesome Star Wars characters on beautiful backdrops! This fan club will also bring a special saber-bubble bash activity!

Sci-Fi Builder Club

A unique exhibition of the coolest and most realistic Star Wars props. Most ideal for pictures and nostalgic trips. Come and take a look at this wonderful sci-fi museum!


TeeKay-421 celebrates 20 years of The Phantom Menace with a nostalgic exposition! Also available for the legendary TeeKay-quiz and a Star Wars identity test! Find out which character you are!

Rebel Legion PHoenix Base

The Mandalorians have set up a recruiting post at FACTS! They will be doing daily parades and provide you with a gun turret, a speederbike and more. Take pictures!