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Starbit Cosplay Q&A



Cosplay workshop 3 Spring 2018

Hats and hair accessories 101 by Myka

Sunday 10.30h

Myka specialises in making hats that seem to defy gravity itself, just like in manga.
She will teach you the basic forms and techniques to achieve it in your own cosplay work.

When cosplay is life… or is it? A workshop around self-care in the cosplay community

Sunday 11.45h

Stress, insecurities, pressure,… If you’re experiencing one or more of these nasty things before, whilst or after cosplaying, then this workshop is for you. Let the professional cosplay hosts Annemie & Cynthia give you tips and tricks to give your cosplay experience a mental boost!

Captain Ghostly - pic by Katapon

Cosplay Armors, from reference to wearable costume by Captain Ghostly

Sunday 15.45h

Fantastic cosplay materials and where to find them. Also techniques.

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