The WINNERS of the Star Wars origami contest

At FACTS, fans had the chance to win a life-size Death Trooper statue or a Rogue One Steelbook. All we asked in return, was a little piece of origami art. And boy oh boy, did you respond amazingly. Dozens of jaw-dropping entries were displayed at FACTS for the world to see and the result was nothing short of an epic paper Star Wars fleet.

We originally had 5 Steelbooks to hand out, but with so many wonderful fantastically folded space ships, we cranked it up to 25. But, of course, winners still had to be chosen.

Important note: the prizes will be sent to your address on April 21st. 

The winner of the Death Trooper statue is Mathieu V.!

Not only did he make a Star Wars origami, he also built a kick-ass Death Star with multiple decorations. A fine piece of art, Mathieu, congratulations!

If your name is not Mathieu V., then don’t worry, you still have a shot at winning a Rogue One Steelbook. There are 25 winners here, including the grand winner mentioned above.

If your name is in this list: well done! We will send your Steelbook to your address very soon.

If your name is NOT in this list, then we would still like to thank you for the amazing effort. Know that your piece of art helped to create an amazing Star Wars fleet in Hall 5, for which we are truly grateful.

1. Christiaen Larissa
2. Velghe Jarno
3. Velghe Jean-Pierre
4. Van Meerhaeghe Mathias
5. Mertens Britt
6. Seynnhaven Stijn
7. Godts Robin
8. Mestach nigel
9. Moeyersons Ruby
10. Willekes Stefan
11. De Ruyck Jan
12. Maigeret Martin
13. Bastiaens Eli
14. Van Roy Coralie
15. Tenret Maxime
16. Baetsle Marc
17. Van Kampen Familie
18. Coucke Jennifer
19. Vervoort Annelies
20. Van Roy Kevin
21. Van De Maele Chris
22. Van Waes Jim
23. Van der Rol David
24. De vroede Marjolein