The Justice League Experience

Warner Bros. Pictures is bringing a whole booth dedicated to the new Justice League movie, in Belgian theatres on the 15th of November 2017.

Come and meet some of the coolest DC characters at their very own FACTS booth, in Hall 3!


1. Five life-size statues of Justice League

The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Batman will all be at FACTS October 2017! Not in the flesh, but REALLY close. These statues are so life-like that they look like they’re going to burst out of their glass shells at any moment and do a sick backflip or something.

Keep your cameras at the ready!

2. A VR gaming experience!

You’ll be able to play a good number of games in VR at this booth. Which ones? It’s a surprise. But what we can say, is that it will be a-ma-azing!

3. Immortalise yourself in the photobooth!

And show yourself as the next member of the Justice League!

4. Witness the creation of a huge Justice League mural!

Art at its finest. Artist Ben Heine will be making a huge piece of DC art while you wait. It’s going to be beautiful.