Visit Ubisoft and feel the madness!

You can find Ubisoft in the

Exhibitor Hall

Booth 6070

Be sure to pay them a visit!

The Far Cry 5 Experience

As one of the most hyped and immensely anticipated games of 2018, Far Cry 5 knows how to bring its gamers to the brink of virtual insanity and back again, just as well as – or better than – its predecessors.

In this iteration, you’ll get to explore Hope County, Montana, an idyllic location is home to a community of freedom-loving people … and a fanatical doomsday cult known by many as The Project at Eden’s Gate. And it’s up to you to rise up and spark the fires of resistance to liberate the besieged community. Good luck!

Feel like playing this game? Good news, you totally can! Go to the Ubisoft booth at FACTS Spring 2018 in the Exhibitor Hall and be engulfed by a feeling of pure power and lunacy, an experience only a few other games can really achieve.