Ready to find
the right partner?

Tired of spending
Valentine’s day alone?

Want to meet single,
same-minded people?

We truly believe that there is someone for everyone, especially in the FACTS community. And FACTS is the perfect place to meet so many like-minded, equally geeky people at once.

That is why we are giving you a chance to meet single fellow fans who share the same passions that you have. Who knows what will happen? Join in and tell your friends, they’ll surely thank you for it. And if it’s not love that you’ll find, then it’s a perfect opportunity to make some new friends, too!

What can I expect?

A laid back, fun chat with fellow fans! Sit down, talk for a few minutes, write down the number and name and move on to the next one. Afterwards, we’ll check if you have a match. If so, we’ll send you the necessary contact info!

FACTS will organise a good amount of sessions each day and we will give as many people as possible a chance. But beware: registering for the speeddates does not necessarily ensure a spot in the sessions! Both the ones who got selected AND the ones who didn’t will receive an e-mail.

If you don’t get selected, then don’t worry, you still have a chance. We accept ‘back-ups’ during the speeddates. Just show up early and register as a back-up on a piece of paper in the speeddate room. You can fill in the spots of the people that don’t show up. No guarantees though!

Where will they be held?

All speed date sessions will take place in the FLEX rooms of Flanders Expo, underneath the Q&A hall, on Saturday AND Sunday. Each session will take about one hour.

Can anyone enter these sessions?

1. All sexual preferences are welcome

We are organising sessions for heterosexuals, homosexual males and homosexual females. But of course, bisexuals and people with other preferences can still apply for the sessions in which they feel best.

 2. All 18+ ages are welcome…

…but not necessarily all ages will be represented. We have always selected participants based on age and we try to form age groups with them. Because putting an 18-year-old with a 50-year-old wouldn’t be much fun, right?

That said: if we don’t have enough people of the same age to pair up into one session, then the people of that age group will not be selected. It’s better to host a full session with 50 twenty-somethings than to organise one for six fourty-somethings.

3. You have to be 18 or older

Sorry, such is the law.

4. You have to be single

Because duh.

The Rundown

Phase 1: Read the rules!

Take a good look at this document.

Phase 2: Registration

Fill in the form and you’re all set. Be sure to fill it in properly!

Beware: registering for the speeddates does not ensure a place in the sessions! Both the ones who got selected AND the ones who didn’t will receive an e-mail. 

Made a mistake? Want to cancel? Then contact us through [email protected].

Phase 3: Present yourself at the speed date session

Just show up and follow the instructions of the hosts. You will receive a pencil and a paper with a number and a small description for each participant.

Phase 4: During the speed dates

  • For the session with heterosexuals: women stay seated, men rotate. For the other sessions, we will make custom groups.
  • You have between 3 and 5 minutes for each encounter, depending on the amount of participants.
  • You will receive several ice-breakers, questions you can ask to get the conversation going.
  • When the host gives the signal, you stop the conversation and you go to the next encounter.
  • Don’t forget to put a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on your paper for each participant you just met.
  • When all participants have reached their original starting spot, the session ends. Be sure to fill in your paper completely and hand it to the hosts.

Phase 5: Matching

The hosts will analyse the papers. If you ticked ‘yes’ after meeting person X and he/she did the same for you, then you are a match. The hosts will send you the contact info of your matches via e-mail and your matches will receive yours.  That means: e-mail + cell phone number, depending on your preferences mentioned in the registration form.

Phase 6: To be continued

The rest is up to you! Good luck!