(APRIL 2017) Set fire to the rain in the FACTS KARAOKE bar!

The karaoke activity was such a huge success at FACTS Fall 2016, that we are bringing this melodious madness back in 2017!

Once again, the awesome Asgard Sings!-crew will be happy to let you sing your Japanese ballads, TV intros, Pokémon karaokemon (yes, really), and much much more! Check out their full list of songs here:

Can’t find your song in the list? Then request it here!

(It is possible that your song cannot be finished in time for FACTS Spring Edition)

By my mother and her drapes, I’m in! Where do I go?

Asgard Sings! will be there for you on Saturday and Sunday until the end of the FACTS day. You can find their set-up in the Flex-halls, beneath the hall dedicated to the Q&A. Just follow the sound and you’ll get there!

Can I compete with my golden lungs against others?

Then join the Thor’s Voice Battle competition!

To enter, you need to register through the form below. Be sure to get your e-mail right, because it’s the only way to tell you that you are in!

And yes, besides eternal FACTS glory, the winner will also receive a mystery prize!

Asgard Sings
    The maximum amount of entries per session is 10. Therefore, registering for this activity does not necessarily mean that you have a spot in the contest. You can be used as a back-up, however.
  • This entry indicates your preference. It is possible that your song will not be in the karaoke database. If so, the Asgard Sings! crew will contact you.
  • Choose a song from the Asgard Sings list (green button) if your first preference isn't in there yet.