UPDATED 12/03/2018

Message from the FACTS team

As a spider-ish man once said: with great power comes great responsibility. And we mean to take our responsibility in a serious way.

We understand that it’s a real hassle for you at the entrance, but know that we only do this to guarantee you a safe journey throughout the FACTS dimension. And no worries: FACTS will still be the wonderful place you know, even with these extra security measures!


Keep in mind that the more bags security has to check, the longer the queues will be. If you don’t need a bag, then please don’t bring one! If you have a different type of bag and you want to know if it’s allowed, please send a mail to [email protected]

Alternative for closed bags

A great alternative for a closed backpack is a transparent (plastic) bag. That way, it’s easier for the security crew to check your belongings, which in turn means faster queues.

Will there be lockers?

Yes, lockers will be available at the register. 24 cm wide, 33 cm high, 49 cm deep. We ask 10 euro per locker, of which you will be given 5 euros back when you collect your stuff. Don’t forget to empty your locker after FACTS, or we will have to bring everything to the police, who is in charge of the lost & found.


Will there be a cloakroom?

We will provide a cloakroom, a place to put your clothes and other items that do not fit in the lockers. We will be asking a small fee, though, so keep that in mind.


Will I be able to put stuff in my car and then come back?

Yes, that’s an option too. Make sure you get a stamp of the crew at the register. You will be checked when you re-enter, of course, for security reasons.



Are masks still allowed?

Yes, BUT you cannot wear them on the streets (against the Belgian law) and you cannot wear them at the check-up at the register either. Once you’re inside, you can put on your mask.


Can I bring food or drinks with me to FACTS?

You can, but it might make the lines longer. But don’t worry, our catering stands have food that has basically gone Super Saiyan in quality.