EVENT OVER (1-2 April 2017)

Watch the FACTS artists on the big screen!

Well, their skillful hands, anyway.

Watch the steady hands of the Artist Alley at work with this new activity. We are inviting Marco Failla, Joe Jusko, Rufus Dayglo, Yıldıray Çınar and many other artists each day to draw one of their amazing sketches and you will get to see how they do it, on a big screen. Watch live how these graphite and ink magicians transform a white piece of paper into something so precious that you’ll want to put in a museum right away. It’s going to be magical.

Come to the Guest Hall of FACTS Spring Edition 2017 and witness art in the making.


10-11 Romano Molenaar
11-12 Yildiray Cinar
12-13 Rufus Dayglo
13-14 Alain Mauricet
14-15 Mystery Guest
15-16 Joe Jusko
16-17 Paolo Deplano
17-18 Julien Hugonnard-Bert


10-11 Giovanni Timpano
11-12 Marco Failla
12-13 Claudio Castellino
13-14 Elia Bonetti
14-15 Giuseppe Cafaro
15-16 Ferran Rodriguez

But wait, there’s more!

Artist Patrick Cornelis will do a live performance each day between 11am and 1pm,

at his own booth. Here’s a small preview of what he will do at FACTS: