The R2 Builders have been a constant source of droid fun and unbridled Star Wars fandom throughout FACTS’ history. Every edition, they’ve brought life-size, seemingly ‘alive’ R2-D2’s to FACTS for everyone’s amusement, a selection they’ve expanded with all kinds of Star Wars droids and activities.

But this edition

they’re taking it to the next level

1. A world record amount of droids!

The R2 Builders will bring a whopping 66 droids to FACTS. That’s more than any European event has ever brought together in one place. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The droids will often want to stretch their, uhm, legs around FACTS and in a pop-up droid parade at 15:00h, so keep your eyes peeled for those spectacles. They’ll be rolling around looking for new friends! Best keep that camera ready!

 2. Drive a droid!

You can try your hand piloting an inflatable R2-D2 droid, or watch as master builders compete with all sorts of droids. R2-D2, BB-8, they’re all ready for your driving skills. Who will be the best pilot?

Fan Village
10:15h – 11:15h + 13:30h – 17:30h


Fan Village
10:15h – 11:15h + 13:30h – 17:00h

3. Visit the R2 Builders booth!

Explore the magic of Astromech droids with the combined efforts of the R2-D2 Builders’ Club and the BB-8 Builders’ Club. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience with over 66 droids on display.

Photo opportunities abound. The inside of the Naboo ship? Check! A R2-D2, BB-8? Check! We could go on for a while.

You can enjoy an interactive droid and other amazing activities, guaranteed to amaze your favorite youngling.

4. The R2 Panel ‘Droid Building 101’

The R2-D2 Builders Club is a huge fan club with a vast know-how of how to build the perfect R2-D2 and robot in general. This amazing fan club is willing to share their years of experience with you through this panel/workshop.

Among the panel members we find Oliver Steeples and Lee Towersey, two members of the R2 Builders Club. At Celebration Europe II in summer 2013, Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy hired Steeples and fellow droid builder Lee Towersey to work on Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. As part of the film’s creature effects team, they are focused solely on building astromech droids at Pinewood Studios.

In other words: two official droid builders for The Force Awakens are coming to FACTS!