Press registration for FACTS Spring 2018 is now open. Please read the copy below carefully for details.


FACTS Press registration is open for journalists regularly making editorial contributions. Editorial press includes writers, reporters, reviewers, producers, photographers, cameramen, etc. who are attending specifically to write about FACTS and/or cover the event for newspapers, magazines, TV, blogs, podcasts, radio, etc.

Complimentary Press Badges are extended as a courtesy of FACTS. As with all Heroes events, FACTS is a “Fans First” event. Please understand that your Press badge allows access as long as space is permitting.


Your Press badge DOES NOT grant you:

  • Early access into the building, special access or guaranteed seating
  • The ability to cut lines
  • Free access into any events requiring an additional ticket


Submitting an application does not guarantee approval. You will be notified if you have been approved or denied by March 30th. If you have been approved, additional information will be provided in your confirmation e-mail and receipt.

Each Press badge is issued individually. If you are applying with a team, each person on your team needs to apply and be approved separately. Every individual applying for a FACTS Press badge may only apply once.

FACTS Press badges are non-transferable and non-resellable. Any individuals caught transferring or selling their Press badge will be disqualified at future Heroes events.

We highly recommend that you apply early as it is likely that we will reach maximum capacity for Press badges to FACTS Spring 2018 prior to the show dates.

There will be no onsite Press registration at FACTS. Once all Press badges are allocated, no more will be released. The press registration for FACTS Spring 2018 closes at March 30th.

Press credentials FACTS Spring 2018

  • Please provide at least 3 links of samples of your work. If you were approved for a previous FACTS edition ensure at least one of the links is from last year's coverage.
  • Dit veld is bedoeld voor validatiedoeleinden en moet niet worden gewijzigd.