How to survive your FACTS visit in 10 tips & tricks

Visiting FACTS is like taking a hike from the Shire to Mordor: you’re walking great distances with your buddies by your side, you get to discover a whole new world and there are bound to be exciting encounters on your path.

But it also means that you need to be prepared! Let us provide you with ten mithril vests and fifty lembas breads. Or the equivalent of it, at least.

Here are our 10 tips and tricks for a more pleasant FACTS journey!

1. Have a FACTS battle plan!

We advise you to browse through the menus of this website to see what FACTS has to offer.

In particular, check out the

The better you’re prepared, the better you can use your precious FACTS time!


2. Bring cash!

There will be lots of places at FACTS where you can’t pay with a credit card. It’s best to bring enough cash to start with. And if you run out of credits, you can always restock at our ATM’s and other financial services. No collector’s item will have to be left behind in the Exhibitor Hall!


3. Want to slay The Beast? Bring light clothing!

4. Pick up your FACTS Passport and floor plan!

Our magazine is your own personal FACTS Passport! It has a lot of interesting information, the schedule and much more. Personalise it if you like!

The foldable floor plan will make you believe you’re in some kind of wonderland. Get yours and you will basically have your FACTS treasure map at the ready. Argh, set sail for some loot, matey!

5. Bring a good camera!

You will have loads and loads of moments on which you’ll want to use a good camera. The huge props, TV and movie scenes. The touching tributes in the Fan Village! And all the lovely cosplayers! Better clear some room on your SD cards too.

6. Read the ‘Cosplay is not Consent’ rules

Interacting with the cosplayers requires respect and common sense, that’s true.

But you still might want to read the post we’ve done on the do’s and don’ts of cosplay at comic cons.

In short: treat our cosplayers right and they will show you just how awesome they are!


7. Use public transport as much as possible

Take a free ride on Tram 1 upon presentation of your FACTS ticket!

Parking spots are limited, so use public transport as much as possible!

You might want to read the traffic and parking tips in this article.


8. Wear comfortable shoes to FACTS

Seriously, you’ll be doing A LOT of walking. 54.000 m² worth of entertainment is not something you can see and experience from one vantage point. Not even if your name is Eye of Mordor.

9. Download the FACTS app

Seriously, it’s as handy as bug repellent on a Starship Troopers mission! OK, bad example, but it’s pretty damn convenient!

The FACTS app is – next to the magazine – the perfect guide for your FACTS visit.

    • Find your activities and exhibitors with the interactive FACTS Floor Plan!
    • Add the activities you don’t want to miss to your Personal Programme. You will get a reminder for each activity you add, about 15 minutes before it begins.
    • View the complete guest list, with additional info.
    • Share pictures with other app users!
    • And much more!


10. But most importantly: Be yourself and have fun!