FACTS organises a free screening of
Star Wars: Remnants of the Order!


On 29-30 September, fans can enjoy a free screening of the utterly fantastic Star Wars fan film Remnants of the Order at FACTS.

This gripping 23 minute Star Wars backstory was made by a group of talented Dutch movie enthusiasts and specialists. They received thousands of euros worth of funds for this movie through the crowd-funding platform Cinecrowd, which they used to set up amazing special effects and awesome costumes.

This screening will easily drag you into the familiar sci-fi universe and will have no problem making you believe that you’re watching an official new installment. So if you’re a fan of Star Wars and you want to try something new, join us in this laser-filled battle!



Lightsaber clash

Pai has grown up under the reign of the Empire. She’s hardly taken notice of the intergalactic war raging around her and has never even considered that the white armored Stormtroopers that patrol her planet may be anything else than ‘the good guys’. Her life is filled with scavenging in the forest near her village. She has a special connection with the Stormtrooper Captain, whom she calls HV.

With her uncle and guardian Bolo looking over her, Pai dreams of going on adventures and flying TIE-fighters. However, when she finds a relic that might threaten the Empire’s truth, her entire life is turned upside-down.

Lightsaber clash


SATURDAY: 15:15 – 16:00
SUNDAY: 13:15 – 14:00


Workshop Area
(FLEX rooms)


23 minute screening
in a cinema-like room


No entry fees