Welcome to the FACTS Fan Village!

Be prepared to be engulfed by a dream world, as this wonderful place is the realm of the fan clubs. Enjoy an overwhelming mix of sci-fi, horror, anime, fantasy, boardgames, life-size movie props, … and many other interesting ingredients!

Belgian Quidditch Federation

Yes, Quidditch (NL: Zwerkbal) is real! Or at least, the Muggle version of it is. Come and see how the non-wizards play this wizards sport. And trust us, it’s even more spectacular than it sounds.

Belgian Potterheads

Visit the interactive Diagon Alley tent and enjoy all kinds of Harry Potter related activities! These are the most enthusiastic Harry Potter fans you’ll ever see, but there’s always room for some more enthusiasm. Come and take a look!



  • Harry Potter Werewolves
  • Harry Potter Uno
  • A big Hogwarts Quiz
  • Pictures with the Sorting Hat
  • Harry Potter themed games


Vote for your Harry Potter House!

Props and replicas displayed.


The Save Dobby SOCK Challenge

The Belgian Potterheads try to save as many house elves as they can, but they need socks to pull it off! Donate a pair of socks at their booth and work together as a fandom. At the end of the weekend, the pile of socks will be something all Harry Potter fans can be proud of.

Also: we will donate the pile to CHARITY afterwards, so it’s best that you bring a matching pair!

Show the world the warmth of the Harry Potter community!

Quidditch demonstrations

If you want to see how Muggles play the noble Quidditch sport, then head to the Fan Village. Watch out for Bludgers!

ARMY Belgium

This group of fans will give you an introduction to the wonderful world of KPop.

  • Join the Random Dance Challenges
  • Kpop singalongs
  • Get your picture as a true Kpop star in the photobooth
  • Trade cards

and much more. Quite the experience!

Anime to Play

These board game fanatics offer a big variety of games, most of which are Asian themed and lesser known.

If you want to know how to play Shadow Hunters, Tsuro, Cat Tower, Bears vs Babies, Exploding Kittens, Qin, Oshi, Catopoly (yes, a cat themed Monopoly), Machiavelli, Splendor and more, then we suggest that you pick a table and start playing! Each table has its own game master, so no need to read the rules yourself. Yay!

Most board games only take up about 15 to 20 minutes.

De Delvers

These Dungeons & Dragons experts will give you the opportunity to enter a fantasy world and become a hero exploring an old tomb, investigating the illegal trade of dragon eggs or entering a haunted house to save the souls of two children.

Are you a more experienced D&D player already? Then be on the lookout for a more advanced session, with mega-dungeons and next-level plays.

Each demo-game will take up to 30 to 60 minutes.

Each demo-game will take up to 30 to 60 minutes. 


Do the words ‘board games’, ‘tabletop’ and ‘card games’ make your hands itch for dice, cards and playable figurines? Then Thunderbolts Ghent is the fan club for you!

Participate in games, but also in board game miniature painting sessions! 

WARNING: most Cosplay Compendium workshops will require a registration beforehand. Click here for more info. These workshops are the responsibility and initiative of Cosplay Compendium. 

Wandmaking Workshop

You will craft your very own magic wand and personalize it to your own liking.

Wand Waving Workshop

You just crafted your very own wand? You already own a wand? Well we want to make sure you know how to use it, because a good wizard is a responsible wizard! The teachers of the Myrddin Emrys College will entrust the participants with their knowledge of the magical arts. This workshop will be held from 15.00 pm to 15.30 pm.

Magical fortune telling

A foreign shaman who’s a dear friend to the headmistress from the Myrddin Emrys College will come to our booth to hold a few private reading sessions.

Cosplay Posing Workshop

Our two professional photographers will teach you all about posing on pictures adjusted to your cosplays. After this workshop they’ll take your picture aswell and send this to you for your portfolio. This will be from 13.00 pm – 14.30 pm.

Gijinka drawing workshop

Our very own Bumblejinx has come up with a drawing workshop where you can draw any object or animal like a human. So I bet you have a lot of crazy ideas right now? Good, bring them to us and draw them on paper, we are very eager to see those creations! This will be from 10.00 am – 12.00 pm

ALOLAN Drawing Contest

The lovely Art of the Fabled Fox will teach you about ALOLAN Pokémon and how to draw them, you can enter freely for this workshop as it takes up the entire day. The average time spent here is about 20 to 30 minutes. We will also judge the contestants and our favorite pick gets a lovely price!

Cosplay Photobooth

Our lovely photographers will take a lot of pictures of everyone who wants their picture taken.

Compendium Quiz

Our famous quiz, completely revamped by our lovely quiz mistress Sara. All contestants can show us their skills and knowledge and can win some fabulous prizes! The quiz will be held once a day at 12.30pm.

Flemish Wrestling Force

Let’s get ready to rumble! The wrestlers of the Flemish Wrestling Force are back with some more pumped up, bulging battles in the Fan Village of FACTS Spring 2018!

After each session, the viewers are invited onto the stage to get a picture with these gladiators.


  • Saturday

Session 1: 12u00 – 12u30
Session 2: 14u00 – 14u30
Session 3: 16u00 – 16u30

  • Sunday

Session 1 : 12u00 – 12u30
Session 2 : 13u30 – 14u00
Session 3 : 15u00 – 15u30

Belgian Garrison – 501st Legion

  • Photo opportunity with Star Wars cosplayers,
  • A demo area
  • NERF shooting

La 59ème Légion

  • Photo opportunities
  • 3D printers
  • Exhibition of Star Wars objects

Mandalorian Mercs – Twin Suns Belgium

  • Star Wars character parade
  • Photo opportunities for all visitors, with a turret and speeder bike as props

R2 Builders Club

The biggest organisation for builders of Star Wars droids! Watch how they come to life at their booth and beyond. You’ll see them bleeping and blooping all over FACTS, but it’s impressive to see them at their booth in the Fan Village. It’s a visit you won’t forget!

  • Lots of mobile R2’s, BB-8’s and other Star Wars droids
  • Photo opportunities with the Millenium Falcon chess corner + C3PO and Jawas

Rebel Legion Phoenix Base

  • Photo opportunities!
  • Hone your lightsaber skills in Jedi classes!
  • Watch the display of props and Star Wars information, including a Display by Force Relics
  • Shoot the Jedi using a Nerf blaster to help them train!

Sci-Fi Builder Club

The place where Star Wars movie scenes come to life!

Admire life-size BB-8’s, Darth Maul, light-up Han Solo carbonite and in worldwide exclusivity a life-size crystal fox from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


  • Star Wars Quiz! So you think you know Star Wars? Test it out in this TeeKay-421 quiz! (Schedule available at their booth)
  • Crafts workshop for kids

Belgian Whovians United

  • Free TARDIS/Dalek pictures.
  • Improv sketches by Doctor Who cosplayers
  • Raffle with prizes!

Arrowhead Events vzw

The Vikings are in town! Visit them in their own village and tents and see how they live.


A larping expérience for a 5 players team in 30 minutes!

You are part of a special squad of The Agency and you have a mission: infiltrate a laboratory of The Society to discover the goal of their secret plan “XVIIth Blade”. Enigmas, battles with NERF, action, IT tools, interactions with NPC and big monster are waiting for you in this game.

1 team per hour!

LARP Demo Crew

  • Larp fighting
  • Archery

West Hoek Vikingen

A real life Viking camp, in true re-enactment style.

Belgian DC Cosplayers

The best DC Comics cosplayers in town! Get ready for a cool DC Comics experience.

  • Commissioner Gordon’s Bureau
  • Kids games!
  • Props!

In other words: keep your cameras at the ready.

Belgian Voyage Club

Fans bringing an ode to Star Trek.

  • Take a picture on the Klingon or Enterprise bridge with a Captain’s Chair
  • We have display cases with Star Trek items
  • A 3D chess set
  • Flying Enterprise drones!
  • Star Trek cosplayers


Perfect for all LEGO lovers!

Admire magnificent LEGO structures and scenes and learn how to make them yourself! These experts are great at giving pointers and tips & tricks.

Final Fans Museum

  • Play Final Fantasy card games
  • Try out pixel art for a Final Fantasy character (chocobo, mog, pampa)
  • Quiz!

Red Comet


A walhalla of retrogames, Japanese games, fighting games and more. Keep a lookout for ccompetitions and other activities!

Ranger Nation

Everything a fan of Power Rangers desires, young and old!

  • Exhibition of props, collectibles & costumes
  • Nerf shooting area
  • PlayStation games and board games of Power Rangers
  • Quiz!
  • Cosplayers

Replica Prop Forum

Our booth will feature a great display of both original and replica movie props, costumes and miniature effect models from great movies and tv-series such as Star Wars, Batman, Captain America, The Fifth Element, Stargate and Alien and HALO.

We plan to do a running workshop table, where we will work on and showcase different projects and techniques. These can be subjects such as 3d-printing, prepping 3d-printed elements for painting, painting techniques, molding and casting.

Furthermore we plan to demonstrate how to make Lifecast

The Fanatics Division

Exhibition and animation of the SAW movies.