Belgium’s largest esports platform Kayzr is back with
more epic digital battles on the FACTS esports stage!

This edition, we are expanding the esports experience
with no less than 3 gaming areas:

1. The esports Stage
The Alternate Playground
3. The Mobile Lounge

1. The Main esports Stage

Overwatch logo
Fortnite logo

Next to a cosplay inspiration factory, the hero shooter Overwatch is also an esports hero factory. In the FACTS esports Arena, you’ll get to enjoy quality matches of skilled groups of six in colourful and amazingly spectacular battles.

Oh let’s break it DOWN!

This game is easily the most hyped game of 2018.

Jump out of the battle bus, load up on weapons and ammo
and earn a Victory Royale against 99 other players!

Stand by for more details and special guests!


10.30h: Overwatch Semi-Final 1
11.45h: Overwatch Semi-Final 2

17.30h: Overwatch Finals


10.00h: Overwatch Semi-Final 1
11.15h: Overwatch Semi-Final 2

15.30h: Overwatch Finals


13.00h: Fortnite Activity


12.30h: Fortnite Activity

League of Legends ARAM

ARAM stands for ‘All Random, All Mid’, which means that
all players will be assigned a random character
and will all be forced to fight in one lane.

If you’re looking for high-level plays, this is it!


14.15h: League of Legends ARAM

Live comments

Specialists for every game will help explain what is happening on screen and between the gamers themselves, for a more professional approach to esports!

Twitch Logo

Twitch broadcast

Want to follow up on the epic plays on the esports stage from a distance? No problem! Go to and watch the contests live or rewatch them later!

The Benelux’ best players!

These gamers are no ordinary casuals. These are the best teams the Benelux has to offer. And you get to watch their 1.000 IQ plays and awesome teamwork live on stage!

Even more to be confirmed later!

Keep an eye on social media and this web page!

2. The Alternate Playground


Take a seat and play!
Alone or in team
Registrations in the esports area


Because there ain’t no party
like a LAN-party!

3. Mobile Lounge

Take a seat and play games with your own mobile phone!

Recharge zones for your smartphone

Play That’s You (PS4) with friends
or decide your own game!

Get ready for the hype!