The masters of twisted metal are back at

with official World Championship qualifiers!









FACTS, Dutch Robot Games and Fighting My Bots (FMB) are working together to build a huge cage for some metal bending brawls.

We have contestants from China to Brazil competing in the FACTS Robot Arena for the qualifiers of the international Fighting My Bots event, held later this year in China. The winners will represent their country in the prestigious international tournament!

In other words: this will be a fantastic event that you don’t want to miss. The best teams in the world will bring their killer bots and reduce the opponents to a mini-scrapyard.




40 Robots!

That’s twice as much as last time! Expect even more nuts and bolts flying around after brutal crashes in the Robot Battle Arena. Bring a helmet!

World-wide contestants!

Expect the best teams from China, Brazil, India, England, Germany, The Netherlands and other foreign countries! They all compete for a place in the finals of the Chinese contest ‘Fighting My Bots’.

Great seats, big screens & live streaming!

This event will be watched by not only the FACTS fans, but robot fighting fans world-wide, on social media. Smile to the cameras!

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