MARVEL and FACTS cooperate for the new FACTS posters!

None other than the MARVEL characters Hulk, Thor and Captain Marvel are giving a nice KAPOW to our FACTS posters this year! We would like to thank Marvel and Marvel artist Marco Failla for this first ever official FACTS/Marvel poster. The results are even more astounding than we first imagined.

Since superheroes are a huge part of the FACTS concept, it’s only natural that they get a prominent spot on the FACTS posters. MARVEL appears to see FACTS as the perfect ally in this new mission, on which the three characters embark.

Hulk, Thor and Captain Marvel are just a few of the many heroes and characters you will most probably encounter at the next edition of FACTS, on the 21st and 22nd of October. After all, whoever has been to FACTS before will agree: FACTS is the perfect meeting ground for all superheroes, big and small.


We guess there’s only one thing left to say:

FACTS Fans, Assemble!