FACTS Cosplay Show

Starting this year, FACTS and partner BeCosplay want to offer everyone the opportunity to set up a show that focuses on performance rather than costume and competition. You will have more time than usual to perform the act of your dreams on stage with your team.

Bye bye competition stress, hello fun times on stage!

Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup

Grab your chance to represent Belgium at the C4 finals at Animecon 2019!

Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup is all about fun and bonding between cosplayers of different countries on an international stage.

So find a partner in crime and subscribe!


You would love to show your cosplay to the world, but you don’t want to enter a big competition?
Then the FACTS Cosplay Catwalk is perfect for you!

In these more casual contests, you enter the stage for a brief moment, you strike a pose, do your thing and then you let the next contestant have his glory. Simple, but fun!

To register for this cosplay activity, go to the BeCosplay booth before 12.00h.


A few times each day, cosplayers of the same fandom gather in the center of Hall 1 and march together on the mini-catwalk. It’s perfect for photo opportunities and everyone will get to see you at your best. It’s beautiful.

All you need to do for this one is show up at the right time in the middle of Hall 1, at the catwalk. You can’t miss it.