F.A.C.T.S. 2011 – 21st edition

“FACTS is certainly the best convention I ever attended” (Julian Glover)
“The convention was a pure delight to attend” (Barry Kitson)

It seems like we set ourselves a new challenge every year. After last year’s record-breaking anniversary celebration, we owed it to you all to top our previous edition once again.

Things started out well with the Early Bird tickets selling out way earlier than ever before and presales in general going through the roof.

But would things hold out during the weekend as well…? The answer is a wholehearted ‘yes’!

Indeed, more dealers than ever before attended FACTS 2011 with over 1.100 m of all kinds of goods being for sale (and sold they were, judging to the number of people who left the conventions with stacks of bags, boxes and other goods).

There were more (fan)clubs than ever before too, bringing in beautiful props, great costumes, games and even offering the possibility to be filmed before a green screen or having your very own 3D rendering being created !

There was an abundance of games as well with the likes of Ubisoft, SONY, Eurogamer, Pushstart and many more. Best of all? Whether you liked the newest releases or wanted to go for a trip down memory lane by playing some retro games (even Pacman showed up!) you could do it all at FACTS 2011.

Of course our guests shouldn’t go unmentioned. Whenever you heard a girl’s scream erupt, you could bet it would be someone who just met her idol Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter saga. He was joined by the likes of Dina Meyer (first European convention ever!), Charisma Carpenter, Julian Glover, Dirk Benedict, Kenny Baker, Torri Higginson, Edward Furlong and more. They all enjoyed themselves and were impressed by your kindness and good spirits.

Our comics artists invitees were equally satisfied, with the likes of Barry Kitson, Keu Cha, Adi Granov, Steven Dupré, Lectrr (his tenth attendance!), Romano Molenaar and more spending the entire weekend making commissions, talking to their fans and just having a good time.

The cosplay was once more a feast to the eye, with thousands of you coming dressed up. The variety was huge, with people dressing up like game characters, impersonating their favourite villain or hero or just going wild and crazy (Bananaman! Facebook-man!, Trollface!, Minecraft characters! Etc.). And it goes without saying that the cosplay competition remains a true high.

And then there was you. And you. And YOU! In fact, a huge lot of you’s, since more than 20.000 people attended FACTS 2011. The waiting line at the entrance was longer than ever before (and habitués know that’s saying something!) and at times it got a little too packed for comfort (we even had to close the entrance for a while), but we witnessed lots of happy faces all throughout, so we take it you all had a good time.

Can we improve even further with the 2012 edition of FACTS? Only time will tell, but you can consider one thing for sure: challenge accepted!

Thank you for being part of our show and see you all at FACTS 2012!

P.S. Special thanks to our main sponsor (Cuvée des trolls); all our other sponsors (Acht, Club FM, Gametown, Metro, Ubisoft, Archonia, Schokkend Nieuws, Catawiki & Dybex); our entire team (you have all been truly amazing!!); Greg (video-artist par excellence!); Bart – I love tight deadlines – Croonenborghs; Mark, Niek, Speed Demon Ilse and the others from Starforce; the people from Mijnevent & FRS; Jens & Freddy; and all our other partners and friends !