F.A.C.T.S. 2008 – 18th edition

FACTS 2008 ruled.

Don’t take our word for it, just read what some of our guests had to say about our show: “I’ve been to a lot of shows; but this was the best ever!” (Richard Hatch), “We did not expect the show to be this big! I even didn’t know we had so many fans in Belgium” (Terry Moore), “I was very impressed with your show and the dedication of everyone involved” (Renee Witterstaetter), “Het was weer een MEGA show! —-respect!” (Romano) or quite simply put “FACTS rocks” (Eric Basaldua).

What made our guest say such nice words about the eighteenth edition of our show (besides the many bottles of beer we supplied them with)?

Well, F.A.C.T.S. 2008 was once again a record breaking edition. We used up all available space of the I.C.C.. You can take that quite literally, since every room was filled with dealers, activities, fans, cos’ players, props and other memorabilia. Ground floor, first floor, left, right, anyway you went, you’d bump into something FACTS-related!

We had more dealers than ever before and they took an even wider range of merchandise than the previous years. Whether you came to find your Holy Grail, that one final missing bit of your collection, or to hunt bargains down the bins, you were at the right place. Never have we seen so many bags leave the building, joined by their happy owners!

If shopping wasn’t your thing, you could wander around and participate in the many activities on offer: from pinball machines to card games, from exclusive images from a Belgian movie to amazing props (Jabba looked more life-like than ever), from a highly detailed Star Wars lego set to the sweat inducing DDR madness, from an almost life size Stargate to exquisitely detailed miniature model kits. You name it, it was there.

Just walking around was an experience in itself, thanks to many cos’ players who had tiredlessly worked on their detailed costumes to awe us all. Anime fans were taking the building in hordes, just to meet equally impressive quantities of Star Wars and other SF related cos’ players. The details, the machinery (General Grievous anyone?), the costumes, all were candy to the eyes.

And of course the guests were there in numbers to: a great artists’ line up (Romano, Lectrr, John McCrea, Michael Golden, Terry Moore, Steve Niles, Sarah Wilkinson, Eric Basaldua and many others) was joined by some equally great actors and actresses: from the likes of the gorgeous Morena Baccarin to Stargate favourites Paul McGillion and Cliff Simon, without forgetting rare Star Wars signer Silas Carson and Battlestar Galactica legend Richard Hatch. Someone for everyone’s liking!

All this worked wonders for our attendance too with yet another record broken. Never have so many people visited F.A.C.T.S. as in 2008.

It goes without saying we hope to break this record this year, in which we had no other choice but to set sail to another location. That’s right, after some ten editions at the ICC we now will be setting up our camp at Flanders Expo, which offers more space, more facilities and hence more possibilities to improve our show even further.

We hope that you’ll be part of our continuing adventure!

Check out these pages to see our official photo coverage of FACTS 2008.

Of course, no report would be complete without our (special) thanks. So… thank you to all our sponsors (Ubisoft, ClubFM, Extra Zone, Skynet, Zone09, Fox, ACME, Kana, Dutch Film Works, Power of the Toy, Schokkend Nieuws and UIP) without whom our show would simply not be possible. We are obviously also very grateful to all our visitors (without whom it would be an eerily quiet event indeed!), the fanclubs (whose booths and activities are a joy to visit and participate in) and our many many cos’ players (whose enthusiasm is contagious). Least but not least, our most heartfelt thanks go to the many volunteers who help us out throughout the weekend (special kuddos to Richard – no voice – B., Patrick – Dance Machine – D, Peter – rise and shine – V and all the others!). Thank you all!