born: 29 Dec
Hanabusa made her debut with “Koi wa Happy Snow ni notte” in Hitomi Zoukan Dejiiru winter issue

  • Taimu Purinsesu (Time Princess) 1 volume
  • Kirameki Guriin Eiji (Sparkling Green Age) 3 volumes 1984
  • Miruku Mirakeru [Milk Miracle] 3 volumes
  • Redii!! (Lady!!, Lady Lady, Lady Gwendoline) 12 volumes

Japanese Television Series in 57 episodes (2 seasons)
“The manga describes the life of a five year old Rin (Lynn) who lives in Japan with her mother. Lynn comes back in England to meet her father, Viscount George Marble. But on the way to the manor, Lynn lost her mother due to an accident. Lynn, living in her father’s manor, leads the life of a cinderella… A manga in Candy Candy style.”

Present at FACTS: 2001