Yaya Han Chun LiWe’ve seen a good many cosplayers at FACTS the last 23 years, but we haven’t met too many of them that have their own merchandise line and are as frequently invited as a cosplay guest worldwide as Yaya Han. This Costume Designer, Cosplay Entertainer and Model loves her ‘hobby’ so much that she rose up from anonymity to superstardom through the cosplay world, like a majestic, colourful crane.

This stunningly beautiful cosplay specialist is from Chinese descent, grew up in Germany and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Her cosplay and model work has her racking up air miles like Pokémon GO trainers Pidgeys and people adore her everywhere she goes, from Sweden to Japan.



Yaya Han’s short Bio

She discovered the creative pastime of cosplay at Anime Expo in 1999 and hasn’t stopped since. Her biography on her website reads like a rags to riches tale:

“Yaya Han is completely self-taught. (…) At the beginning, she could only afford a used $40 sewing machine and a sewing book from a thrift store. Yaya credits persistence and repeated failure as her greatest teachers in costume creation.”

And now, she has her own cosplay accessories line, her very own Yaya Han Brand merchandising line, probably enough international cosplay awards to fill one of Flanders Expo’s halls, nearly 300 self-made costumes in her wardrobe and roles in important cosplay documentaries, such as Syfy (Space) TV Network Docu-Series Heroes of CosplayNeedless to say: she’s a true cosplay professional and a delight to have at any convention. 


We are honoured to have her as a judge for the cosplay contests of FACTS October 2016. And if you want to meet this incredibly talented cosplay specialist, you’ll need some tickets!


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Her website: http://yayahan.com/

Her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yayacosplay/

Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/YayaHan 

Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yayahan/


Present at FACTS: 2016-2-october