Yacine Elghorri has always been passionate about drawing.

He was born in Paris where he studied at Gobelins School of the Image. Afterwards, he started working as a character designer on French animated series, such as Flash Gordon, Arsène Lupin and Lucky Luke.
Besides working on cartoons, Yacine also drew two short stories named ‘The Pill’ and ‘War’ for cult magazine Heavy Metal. His realistic style is inspired by authors such as Moebius and Katsuhiro Otomo. In 2006, he started working on ‘Gunman’ along with writer Gabriel Delmas for the French publisher Carabas.

Furthermore, he also worked for film studios, such as Dreamworks and Twentieth Century Fox in Los Angeles where he worked as a designer, illustrator and storyboard artist on Evolution, Titan AE and Matt Groening’s Futurama. He also collaborated with Jean-Claude Van Damme on the movies ‘Replicant’ and ‘The Order’.

In 2010, he worked with Jean Dufaux on the Medina trilogy for the Belgian publisher Le Lombard. Currently, he’s working on a comic book the screenplay of which was written by Philippe Druillet.

Present at FACTS: 2014

Website: http://www.elghorri.com