Wim Tilkin (42) has worked for more than 18 years as an animator/ illustrator.

He has worked for many projects such as commercials, trailers and series.

Recently his work has evolved towards fanyasy (monsters!) and games.

The last two years Wim worked as a story-and layout artist on the 3D-feature “Secret realm”( in production).

As a cartoonist he gives his visual impression on the new games for OPM-magazine and playstationpure.be.

Together with a college he started recently the new course “Game design”in Hasselt (Belgium) His love for story-telling translated in a couple of comics and books for children.

A few years ago he made books with the characters of sesame street and recently a book with a character of his own creation: “Bouwe is boos”.

His style of dwawing is very cartoony and organic with a good feel for the classic pencil line.

This cartoony style is also visible in his sculptures. His designs are hand-carved in blue stone and also the whole process is filmed in stopmotion. ((http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeiRNQKOrKY)

In the future Wim will trie to specialize more in story-telling and boarding. He is also determined to finetune the workflow of this special mix between animation and sculpting.

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