Will Sliney is an award winning Irish artist who is most famous for his work on Marvel’s Fearless Defenders, Spider-Man 2099, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and numerous other amazing series. 

Will Sliney started off in press, but quickly found his way to the American comic industry. At first, he was making spin-off comics of TV series such as Farscape.

Later on, his talent was put to good use for Star Wars: The Clone Wars for Egmont/Titan, Steed and Mrs Peel for Boom! Studios, and MacGuyver for Image Comics, before he was hired by Marvel to draw Fearless Defenders and Spider-Man 2099. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this amazing artist.

If you’re into graphic novels, too, be sure to pick up his best selling graphic novel Celtic Warrior: The Legend of Cú Chulainn.

Want to meet Will Sliney personally? Good news! This amazing artist will be available in the Artist Alley of FACTS Spring 2018, on 7-8 April in Flanders Expo Ghent!


Present at FACTS: 2018-1-spring