Vaughn Armstrong has played more characters in Star Trek series than any other actor. He played no less than 13 different characters in 28 episodes of 4 different Star Trek series but is most known as his only human character Maxwell Forrest on Entreprise.

•Klingon Korris on ST:The Next Generation
•Cardassian Gul Danar in ST: Deep Space 9
•Cardassian Seskal in ST: Deep Space 9
•Romulan Telek R’Mor ST: Voyager
•Alpha-Hirogen on ST: Voyager
•Klingon Korath on ST: Voyager
•Borg Lansor/Two of Nine on ST: Voyager
•Vidiian Captain on ST: Voyager
•Klingon Klaax on ST: Enterprise
•Kreetassan Captain on ST: Enterprise
•Admiral Maxwell Forrest on ST: Enterprise
•Klingon Korath at Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas
Besides the series his voice can be heard in follewing Star Trek video games: Bridge Commander, Armada II, Starfleet Command III (2002) and Elite Force II.

He is the creator of the Enterprise Blues Band which also includes fellow Star Trek actors Richard Herd (Admiral Owen Paris), Steve Rankin (Colonel Green and other roles) and Casey Biggs (Damar). These blues songs related to Star Trek are very popular at convention appearances

He can also be spotted in series such as Buffy, Babylon 5, Quantum Leap, JAG and Dark Skies.

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