Tommaso Bennato faceTommaso Bennato is an Italian artist who has worked for Marvel and has a lot of other projects on his resume.

From his large list, you might say that his most notable Marvel work is presented in Breaking into Comics: The Marvel Way. For his other artistic creations, we can absolutely recommend Mystic HeartH, The 7 Wonders: The Lighthouse of Alexandria 254 BC and Man of the Year.





13000098_548248348678325_8959659041517135021_nAs the best ‘bonus’ an Artist Alley dweller could possibly wish for: the equally incredible Maria Nigna Riccio will accompany Tommaso to FACTS! Mrs. Riccio is a young Italian artist who is now working on the webcomic serie Inarime published every week on LINE Webtoon , co-created with Tommaso Bennato and noticed by the Korean site thanks to the contest Superhero Comics Challenge, sponsored by POW! Entertainment of Stan Lee himself and LINE Webtoon, in which Inarime had the third prize.







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Present at FACTS: 2016-2-october