Tom Wlaschiha3Our prayers to the Many-Faced God have been heard, because Tom Wlaschiha, aka Jaqen H’ghar in Game of Thrones, is coming to FACTS Spring Edition!

Tom Wlaschiha (°20th of June 1973) is best known for his role as the assassin *slash* cult leader *slash* utterly mysterious thin man with an allergy to smiling in Game of Thrones, who tries to teach Arya Stark to become ‘no-one’ in the House of Black and White.

The German with Czech roots has also starred in the marvellous European tv series Crossing Lines (2013), as officer Sebastian Berger, and in the movie Resistance (2011). Wal, Wlaha, Wlascha,… Tom also had parts in Hollywood movies Enemy at the Gates (2001), Valkyrie (2008) and Rush (2013). And the two dozen roles in German tv series and movies between 1995 and the present day have probably made him into the fine actor he is today.

So when you come to FACTS Spring Edition, you’ll be able to ask him questions like ‘Why did you make Arya go blind?’ and ‘Is Jaqen a good guy or a bad guy now?’ or ‘What’s the deal with your character, man?’ But beware, you never quite know if you’re playing the ‘Game of Faces’ with him. Until he slaps you, of course. By the way: we can confirm that he’s much more sympathetic in real life than in Game of Thrones. So no worries, he’ll only blind you with his smile.

Want to welcome Tom to Belgium on Saturday and Sunday during FACTS Spring Edition, on 2 and 3 April?


Valar Morghulis!

Tom Wlaschiha Crossing

Tom Wlaschiha Resistance

Present at FACTS: 2016-1-spring