Thomas Olde HeuveltThomas Olde Heuvelt (1983) is the much praised Dutch author of five novels and many stories of the fantastic. His work contains elements of magic-realism, horror, fantasy, and humor. His latest novel “HEX” is the bestselling Dutch fantasy-horror novel of 2013.

Olde Heuvelt’s shorter fiction is translated into English (Tor, Lightspeed Magazine, PS Publishing), Polish (Nowa Fantástyka) and Chinese (Douban). Currently, also an English-language version of HEX is on the way.

In 2013, Thomas Olde Heuvelt became the first Dutch author ever to be nominated for the prestigious American Hugo Awards, with his story “The Boy Who Cast No Shadow” (

BBC Radio called Olde Heuvelt “One of Europe’s foremost talents in fantastic literature.”


Thomas Olde Heuvelt will be present on Saturday and Sunday in FACTS Artist Alley. Come and say hi! 



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Present at FACTS: 2013 | 2016-2-october