Sylvester 03You will know Sylvester McCoy, born as *inhales* Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith, as the legend that he is as a person, but perhaps even better as the 7th Doctor in the Doctor Who series, from 1987 to 1989. He actually helped create this peculiar character himself, which you can tell by his impeccable rhetorical skills. His version of the Time Lord we know and love was used in many comics, books, audios and toys, making him one of the longest serving Doctors.

McCoy reprised this role on several occasions, most notably in the 1993 movie Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time (with the 4th, 5th and 6th Doctor) and in the movie Doctor Who in 1996, where he, well, died immediately, to have a troublesome regeneration into the 8th Doctor.

And as it so happens, we have the 8th Doctor as a guest as well, in the form of the incredible Paul McGann. Fancy witnessing a live Time Lord Regeneration? We can arrange that for you!

Sylvester McCoy’s legacy spans much further than just the Doctor Who universe, though. Among his seemingly limitless list of professional achievements, we would like to highlight his role as the dopey, absent-minded wizard Radagast the Brown in the The Hobbit trilogy (2012 – 2014) as well. A role that he fulfilled marvellously. Possibly the most brilliant piece of casting in the last decade.


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The many faces of Sylvester McCoy

1. The 7th Doctor in Doctor Who

2. Radagast the Brown in the The Hobbit trilogy (2012 – 2014)




Did you know this about Sylvester McCoy?

  • Sylvester McCoy almost had the role of Bilbo Baggins in the original The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. If Ian Holm had declined, he would have been the one to get the role.
  • Peter Jackson absolutely wanted to cast McCoy as Radagast, since he is a major Doctor Who fan. Good choice!
  • McCoy used to be a bodyguard for none other than The Rolling Stones!


Present at FACTS: 2016-2-october