Sybil DanningThe Austrian-American Sybil Danning is a special breed of celebrity. She is often called a B-movie Queen, she’s a humanitarian and now, Sybil Danning even has a comic, called RUGER, published at Scare Tactics Graphix. Movies AND comics? Talk about a killer combo!

The name Ruger is not chosen at random. The fans of the 1989 cult film L.A. BOUNTY will know that Ruger is the name of Sybil Danning’s character in that action packed movie. The RUGER comic is an extension of that universe though it will be a stand alone adventure.

Sybil Danning will be signing her comic and other memorabilia at FACTS, on Saturday and Sunday, in the Artist Alley!


You might also know Sybil Danning from:

  • Grindhouse (2007)
  • Halloween (2007)
  • The Tomb (1986)
  • Hercules (1983)

and many more movies!

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Present at FACTS: 2016-2-october