Stjepan Šejić (born November 27, 1981) is a Croatian native who has spent most of his life in his home country.

Šejić started his career as a colorist, painting covers drawn by Tyler Kirkham, who e-mailed him back when Sejic started sending his work around the artist community.

In 2007, Šejić began doing the art for Witchblade for Top Cow and has since then done the artwork for comics like Army of Darkness, Battlestar Galactica, Painkiller Jane, Red Sonja, Terminator, Xena: Warrior Princess, Inhumans, She-Hulk, X-Men, Hotwire, Witchblade and The Darkness

Stjepan Šejić ‘s art is very unique in its own way as it is characterized by painting-like graphics which are usually digitally altered with Photoshop, ZBrush, Mental Ray and other visual softwares.

Stjepan is currently at work on his own series RAVINE, published via Top Cow which is translated in Dutch by Dark Dragon Books. He also just finished a long run on the Top Cow series ARTIFACTS.

Šejić is married to fellow Croatian artist Linda Luksic Šejić.

Present at FACTS: 2013