STEVE KYTE lives in London, and works as an illustrator. He also wrote a number of articles for MANGA MAX magazine. His work includes strips and covers for comics devoted to THUNDERBIRDS, STINGRAY and CAPTAIN SCARLET, cartoons of GODZILLA, strips for British comic 2000AD and many book covers, ranging from DR. WHO novels to murder mysteries. He illustrated the popular childrens’ book series BROKEN SKY by Chris Wooding.

He’s recently done some character design for animation, of which one project has made it to the screen so far; he designed original characters and concepts for FIRESTORM, an anime series created by Supermarionation producer Gerry Anderson, which started on Japanese TV in April 2003. His most recent project is a series of illustrations for Jonathan Clements’ forthcoming encyclopedia of Japanese TV drama from Stone Bridge Press, due out later this year.

In 1995, he delivered us our Facts V Flyer.

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