Stefano Cardoselli, is a Tuscan born artist A frequent contributor to Heavy Metal Magazine, Stefano has also worked with 2000AD, Simon and Schuster Antarctic Press, Darkslinger Comics, ThirstyShadow Productions, Bluewater, Eureka Comics Lab, NAS Studios and more…

“I HATE this guy! I’ve only published everything he’s sent me! I think he can draw his ass off,
and look forward to his next contribution.”

Kevin Eastman-( Editor in Chief-Heavy Metal Magazine)

“Because I ‘d First Discovered Stefano’s work few years back and saw him as a natural successor to
artist Glenn Fabry’s”

Pat Mills (Slaine,Marshall law)

Artist is Stefano Cardoselli , a Tuscan-born comic Artist who still lives and works in Italy.
But Perhaps that’s just how Panetta Looks behind cloesed doors(Killing Geronimo -Simon and Shuster)

Time Magazine

The work of Stefano Cardoselli. His work only added to the insanity I kid you not. Cardoselli should be drawing all the comics.”
Comics Bulletin

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