Stedho, the pseudonym of Steven Dhondt, is the Belgian artist behind the comics Ooievarken and the all new Red Rider, the new, re-imagined version of the comic classic De Rode Ridder. 

Fun fact: He was discovered by his teacher and famous Flemish children’s book author Marc De Bel at age 9, who recognised his drawing talents and encouraged him to continue developing his talents.

We’re super glad he did it. Otherwise, the world may never have known the joy of reading Ooievarken or – more recently – the brand new Red Rider series.

Other cool art by Stedho: Gazmask, Kinoko, Maar verder is alles okee, Nicol de Straatsnol and Vrijdag.

We recommend visiting this website if you want to find out more about this author.

But if you want to meet him in person, just come to FACTS on the 21st and 22nd of October! Stedho will be present on both days. Stedho will also be signing copies of his brand new Red Rider series. The Flemish artist Lectrr, who is also a FACTS guest, provided the scenario and will also be signing Red Rider copies.  Don’t miss this opportunity! 


Present at FACTS: 2017-2-October