In Sweden there are two ways to make a living; either you make, what some people like to refer to as, “music”, or you sell elk merchandise to tourists. Simon Rohrmüller never could figure out how handle an instrument so it didn’t sound like he was trying to slowly kill it, or was anywhere near pleasant and friendly enough to be a forthcoming and good sales person. He did, however, know how to draw things that looked like stick figures, so he figured out a third way; draw comics. Unfortunately (or luckily -all depending on how you look at it), no-one was stupid enough to hire him, but through the wonderful process of extortion and with the help of very convincing photo manipulation he forced writer Rich ( Johnston into giving him the artist and lettering chores on the Watchmen parody WATCHMENSCH (2009), which, surprisingly enough, was well received. Other works Simon has miraculously managed to land include the occasional back-up stories in various Aspen Comics’ books, and even medical text books on acupuncture.

Currently Simon is working on a new project with Rich, which he remains very tight-lipped about, but slip him a few beers and he’ll spill it all to whoever happens to be in earshot. Unfortunately he doesn’t speak Dutch or French, but he is fluent in English, as well as Sarcasm.

Simon has read many, many comics and likes to talk about them… He’s also read the Twilight books, but he’d rather talk about comics.

Present at FACTS: 2010 | 2011