Shoko and Jerome started cosplay more than eleven years ago. They both love the creative side of the hobby and they love being on stage. For Shoko and Jérome, cosplay is the best way to share their favorite characters and tastes with the public. This happy cosplayers couple has had the chance to be invited to participate to a lot of conventions in Europe, among which events in Switzerland and Belgium, where they love coming back because of the friendly atmosphere.

Their cosplay speciality is of course: armor-making. They love finding new ways to make armors and to study new materials and techniques. They also pay very much attention to the painting on their armors. Their other specialities are prosthetics as well as making characters with animal-like features come to life. However, they take great pleasure in admiring other cosplayers’ fabric-based costumes.

Although they’re very modest and only entered a few international competitions, Shoko and Jerome have won multiple awards throughout Europe and are renowned for their brilliant costumes. They won the ECG group finals back in 2013 with their impressive Monster Hunter costumes.

Shoko and Jérôme will be judging the Sunday Cosplay Contest and the ECG selections as well as giving a workshop on armor pattern making. Timetable to be announced soon!



Shoko pic by Shashin Kaihi Photography Jérôme - pic by Omaru

Present at FACTS: 2016-2-october | 2017-1-Spring