Born: 20th June 1984 in Besiri/ Batman in the kurdish Region of Turkey
Moved to Germany in 1985 due to the political Situation in the kurdish Regions of Turkey.

He has decided to become an comic book artist after reading his first X Men book by Chris Clearmont and Jim Lee.

Sedat has studied Illustration at the University for applied Sience, department for Design. During his studies he went deeper into the Art of visual Storytelling and published his first self published comic book story called “Ferman – the Grief” in December of 2007.
“Ferman – the Grief” is a story about a young kurdish boy who explores his heritage and learns about the situation of the Ezidi – Kurds, a religious minority, and their tragical situation. The Story is based on true events, that Sedat’s Parents and Grandparents have witnessed and which caused them to leave their homecountry.

At the San Diego Comic Con in Summer 2007 Sedat was hired by Joe Gentile (publisher of Moonstone Books) to work for Moonstone Books.

Published Works:
– Airfighters with Airboy # 2, Moonstone Books
– The Phantom: The Ghost who walks # 9 (Cover) Moonstone Books
– Air Fighters with Airboy # 1, Bald Eagle Moonstone Books
– Captain Action # 4, Lai Wan (Back Up Story) Moonstone Books
– “Ferman – The Grief”

At the Momen Sedat is Working on a Comic called “Us Vs. Them”, Written by John Mahoney (The Last Mortal), Tim Mahoney and co-created by Filip Sablik (Top Cow).

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