Ryan began his career in comics in 1998 working on The Books Of Magic and The Books Of Faerie for DC/Vertigo. After that, he spent 5 years working on the much-celebrated Lucifer series with Mike Carey and Peter Gross. The upcoming television series based on the comic is set to air next year on Fox.

Following Lucifer came Local, the critically acclaimed 12-issue series with Brian Wood, published by Oni Press, that chronicles the life of one character as she wanders from city to city for 12 years. Shortly after Local, Ryan went on to collaborate with Wood on the graphic novel The New York Four, published by the DC/Minx line. During this period, he was under exclusive contract with DC, and in that time worked on Northlanders, DMZ, The Vinyl Underground, American Virgin, and a sequel to The New York Four called The New York Five. The New York Five grabbed an Eisner Award Nomination in 2012 and went on to be collected in one large volume called The New York Four by Darkhorse comics.

Ryan’s next big project was Saucer Country, with co-creator and writer Paul Cornell, which ran for 14 issues. And, during that time, he penciled a few issues of Darkhorse Comics’ famous Star Wars title, as well. In 2013, Ryan kept busy working on many titles for Vertigo including The UnWritten, The Dead Boy Detectives and Coffin Hill. His last major published project was Three, with Kieron Gillen, a 5-issue series for Image that tells the story of three fugitive slaves on the run from an army of 300 in ancient Sparta.

Today, Ryan is about to launch The Survivor’s Club, co-written by South African novelist Lauren Beukes and graphic designer Dale Halvorsen, a new ongoing series for Vertigo in October. There’s also Cry Havoc, with writer Si Spurrier and a stable all-star colorists, a 6-issue Image series that will debut in 2016.

When he’s not drawing all of these books, he keeps busy with his family ( 3 kids!) in St. paul, Minnesota. He loves to work on his comic side-projects: The super-hero epic Funrama at www.funramacomic.com and the culinary drama Cocotte at www.cocottecomic.com.

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