Rob DenBleyker 4If you’ve frequented the internet the last decade, then you know that there is no escaping the webcomics series Cyanide and Happiness. Which is a good thing, of course, because you probably couldn’t stop reading it, like millions and millions of other fans. If that’s the case, then you’ll probably be thrilled with Spring Edition 2017 guest Rob DenBleyker.

Rob DenBleyker has – together with Kris Wilson and Dave McElfatrick – been a never depleting source of dark humor and hilarious stick figure violence for almost 12 years now. And as if that webcomic lifespan isn’t impressive enough, it’s even more awe inspiring to know that the trio has uploaded a new comic to the site every single day since 2005.

But they didn’t stop there: they have also successfully translated the madness of these webcomics to animated shorts and full on series, with millions of views in a matter of hours. Another awesome side product of this amazing series: Joking Hazard, an ‘offensive card game’ that’s bound to break the ice at any party.

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Rob DenBleyker will be signing his comics and other memorabilia at FACTS in the Artist Alley, on Saturday and Sunday, April 1-2, 2017 ! He will also do panels and other cool activities at FACTS. 



Present at FACTS: 2017-1-Spring