Richard Dean Anderson is a real hero to many. And with good reasons.

He’s the man who can probably escape Alcatraz and Guantanamo using only a paper clip and a wet napkin.

He’s also the man who can keep his cool against intimidating aliens in the faraway realms beyond the Stargate.

Impersonating the cool, Swiss Army knife-loving secret agent Angus MacGyver as well as the witty Stargate-soldier Jack O’Neill is not a small feat. And you will see that in real life, he is just as charming as the two characters combined.

Richard has also portrayed Ernest Pratt / Nicodemus Legend in the western-sci-fi series Legend (1995), David Smith in Fairly Legal (2011) and played roles in many other movies and series.

We are honoured to have the amazing Richard Dean Anderson as a guest for FACTS Spring Edition, on Saturday as well as Sunday.

Richard Dean Anderson will be available for photoshoots, Q&A panels and signing sessions on both Saturday (2nd of April) and Sunday (3rd of April) 2016. 

So get your FACTS tickets now!



Present at FACTS: 2016-1-spring