One of the artists for the brand new CONAN series! Also known for Belladone, Sinbad, Silas Corey and many more comics in various settings.


  • One of the artists for the new CONAN series. His new comic Conan le Cimmérien – La Reine de la côte noire was released on May 2 2018
  • Worked for ten years in the Disney animation studios, on films like A Goofy Movie, Tarzan, The Emperor’s New Groove and more
  • Made his comics debut at Vents d’Ouest in 1993, contributing L’Ami de la Poésie to the series Récits Grain de Sable
  • Sometimes works under the pseudonym ‘Stanley’
  • Worked on
    • Belladone, a tale in the era of the Musketeers
    • The trilogy Sinbad
    • The World War I espionage series Silas Corey
    • Griffin Dark, l’Alliance
    • Les Échaudeurs des Ténèbres


1. Sketches & Commissions

Let this amazing artist draw you a masterpiece!

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2. Casual talks!

Every artist is excited to meet his or her fans and is willing to talk about basically everything. Many fans have had interesting discussions with artists. Just walk up to them and ask them a question!


Artist Alley

Guest Hall

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Then join the party on

September 29-30

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Pierre Alary will be available

in the Artist Alley

on SATURDAY 29 September

for sketches and interesting talks!

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