After breaking into comics with the Marvel UK and Marvel Italy imprint, Spanish artist Paco Diaz joined writer Christopher Priest on Deadpool. In addition to work on titles such as Nightwing and Wonder Woman for DC, Prototype 2 for Dark Horse, and the Dungeons & Dragons Annual 2012 for
IDW, Diaz’s extensive Marvel credits include the Hawkeye: Blinspot and X-Men: Emperor Vulcan limited series, as well as series including DarkWolverine, X-treme X-Men and Thunderbolts. At the cutting edge of the digital-comics revolution, Diaz united with Frank Tieri on Wolverine vs. Thor and with Jason Latour on Wolverine: Japan’s most wanted. Diaz currently he’s working on “Scarlet Spiders” tie-in for “Spider-Verse” event.

Present at FACTS: 2014