Ore-sama (Anna Matheis) on herself :

I was born in Israel but when my mother, who’s job has her move every 4 years, moved on with me to Poland, 2 years later, Dublin, then I finally found a home in Germany, my maternal country, where I grew up for 10 years.
I made very good friends there, one I met 12 years ago, and the brave people of Animal Peace who opened my eyes to how bad the relationship between humans and animals really is, and started to feel at home. But then, the capital moved from Bonn to Berlin which we didn’t really appreciate, and moved out to Belgium in 1998. I lost contact with my friends, but Belgium is, despite its microscopical size, an impressive country. I feel more at home here than in Germany. Belgium is a post-modern country supreme – art in abundance, be it Tapies or Urushihara, 3 languages, smart but cheerful people, and a very enjoyable atmosphere all around.
I soon changed school, leaving this dipshit German School of Brussels behind and leaving for St Lucas. At this art humaniorum people tend to be smart but not arrogant (artists are a different species, we did know), because there isn’t a bigass hierachy of “teacher commands student”. The atmosphere is much better here than at any other school. Anyways, here’s where I could finally be myself. You can feel free at St Lucas. No problem saying “I’m gay!” or “I believe in God and pray”. A really nice class and teachers make school very enjoyable for me 🙂

Present at FACTS: 2006