Olivier was born in Lyon in 1971, the capital of Gaul, and began translating his own stories into comic books when he was eight years old. He was clearly inspired by Franco-Belgians like Asterix, Broussaille, Gil Jourdan, Gaston, Spirou and Johan and Peewit. Later on, those series would make way for Marvel comics, which his parents could acquire through their business.

It’s no surprise that he would study in the drawing school of Émile Cohl in Lyon, where he would eventually graduate as an illustrator.

Together with Thomas Mosdi, he made Les Sheewõwkees, an epic series that lies somewhere between a heroic fantasy story and a legend, in which elves with enormous ears roam tropical islands.

Brazao has also worked on historical comics on the First and Second World War, on the late Middle Ages and Guadeloupe, a French overseas department in the Caribbean. Nowadays, he is working on two additional project in two different styles: realistic and humoristic.

Bonus fact: he is married to Béatrice Tillier, the artist of Fée et tendres automates and Bois des Vierges. She will be joining him on FACTS Spring Edition on Saturday, to hand out signatures of his own. Isn’t that romantic?

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Present at FACTS: 2016-1-spring

Website: http://olivierbrazao.blogspot.be/