Nikola Boskovic was born on 17.07.1985 in Mostar (former Yugoslavia). When he was8 years old he moved to the Netherlands.

Comics and drawing were always in his blood and when he was in his teens, he saw the chance to cash on his talent. For example, he began to work as a tattoo designer at the age of 15.

He still does this from time to time even!

After high school, Nikola wanted to use his high school diploma to the max and he choose to forego on creative graphic studies and instead choose Law School in Tilburg.

This study was completed in 2011 but during all these years Nikola continued to develop drawing skills.

Nikola is available for interior story/art, commissions, tattoo design.

Present at FACTS: 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014