The Matrix twins are Neil and Adrian Rayment. They were born May 14th, 1970 in the town of Minster(South East England) and Neil is ten minutes the elder . The twins grew up interested in martial arts from a very early age, starting judo when they were seven and karate at the age of fourteen. They are now currently trained in various disciplines of martial arts, and both are Nidan JKA Black Belt Shotokan Karate instructors. It was most likely their martial arts training (and their height) that got them their roles in The Matrix Reloaded, as at their audition they spent the last two minutes beating the hell out of each other to demonstrate their skills. The matrix Twins are just know as Twin One (Neal) and Twin Two (Adrian).

Around the age of eightteen, they were helped into the entertainment industry by their uncle, a Hitchcock look-alike whose agency needed twins. They are best known for their roles as the “Handy Hunks”, the co-hosts of the UK home improvement television show “Carol Vorderman’s Better Homes”, although they had to quit the show to work on the remainder of The Matrix Trilogy. They’ve also appeared in a few short films, most notably Neil’s iBrotha, in which he plays a Malcolm X-like figure obsessed with Apple Macintosh computers. Neil is also a trained silversmith.

The easiest way to tell them apart at first glance is by the wedding band that Neil wears, although he isn’t actually married. They are also classified not only as identical twins, but as mirror twins: meaning that if one does something, the other will subconsciously do the mirror opposite, left vs. right. They currently reside in London and before their roles in Reloaded were popular “lifestyle presenters”, TV hosts for home improvement shows and the like.

They are currently working on F.I.S.T. ( First Intergalactic Strike Team ) which will be an action movie shot in real time that plays out like a shot-em-up video game. Stunning camerawork is guarenteed.

Present at FACTS: 2005