Dust off your brown coats, because Firefly and Castle actor Nathan Fillion is coming to FACTS Spring Edition 2017!

When reading through the resume of this amazing Canadian-American actor, it’s striking how many utterly memorable roles Nathan Fillion has taken on in his career and how many times he has filled the lives of fans with joy.

Nathan Fillion has graced us with quite a few fantastic memories on the TV screen. The fame of Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds in the Firefly (2002-2003) series would probably never have been so big if not for the charisma of Nathan Fillion. He was legendary as author *slash* investigator Richard ‘Rick’ Castle in the series Castle (2009-2016). He also portrayed Caleb in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2003), Dr. Adam Mayfair in Desperate Housewives (2007-2008), Rainor Shine in Modern Family (2016) and much more.

In the world of cinema, we have lots of reasons to thank Nathan Fillion, too. He was Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds in the Firefly continuation movie Serenity (2005), he was Hermes in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013), and he will portray character Simon Williams in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. You could even spot him in the war classic Saving Private Ryan (1998). And that’s just a small selection of a big resume.

Even the gaming fans are indebted to Mr. Fillion, for his fine voice acting skills. Remember the charismatic Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck in the Halo series? That’s him. Cayde-6 in Destiny? Yup, him too. And possibly the most fitting casting of them all: he also portrayed God in Saint’s Row: Gat out of Hell.

By the way: every comic con fan should definitely check out his TV series Con Man. It’s pretty accurate.

We can really recommend going through his list of professional achievements.


Want to meet this incredible actor? Then come to FACTS Spring Edition 2017, on April 1st and 2nd, in Flanders Expo, Ghent! Nathan Fillion will be available for photoshoots, signing sessions and panels on both days. 



The many faces of Nathan Fillion


1. Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds in Firefly (2002-2003) and Serenity (2005)


2. Rick Castle in Castle (2009-2016)


3. Jack Moore in Con Man (2015-2017)


4. Gunnery Sgt. Buck in the Halo series




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