Since the age of 4, Moonkey has a passion for storytelling, drawing and illustrating. He’s particularly fond of manga and has always tried to promote this style, trying to spread the manga and anime virus he was once contaminated with. He has produced comics for the manga fanzine “Mag +” and organised anime evenings, “les soirées de l’anime”.

Later on he’s contacted by Dynamic Visions to produce illustrations for their video covers and promotional art for their website. He even becomes their webmaster.

On April 26th 2005 the first chapter of “Dys”, Moonkey’s own comic series, is published in the magazine Shonen Collection 2005 N°4 by publishing house Pika. On September 26th 2005 the last chapter of this series is published in volume 8 of that same magazine.

Present at FACTS: 2007